Thursday, 30 September 2010

He Is Worth It!

Hey everyone, Welcom to my new blog! Thought i would start writing a new blog because its fun! Iim just basicly gona be sharing some cool stuff That God has does in my life and and sharing some stories of what God is doing right now so hope you enjoy guys!

Yeah just come back form serving God in Australia,Indonesia and the phillappines for about two years with an organisation called YWAM (youth with a mission) over the past year or two God has really done soem crazy stuff in my life alot of crazy stuff, the perosn i was a few years ago is compleatly differnt to the person i am now. God really did bring me out of a alot off messy stuff and now i have a purpose in life its cool and hard to explane but i know alot of people know where im coming from. here is a cool video that explanes what im tlaking about.

My Testamony

In Gods Love